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be the brand that employees talk about

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Be part of employees daily conversations and topics by giving them lifestyle support they are proud of!

Why Perkaholic

grow your audience by joining our unique lifestyle platform


Increase Your Reach

Increase your audience size by tapping into our growing corporate employees user base. Be the brand that supports the wellbeing and the lifestyle of these employees.


Centralized Deals Management

Easily build and manage all of your deals in one platform in a matter of minutes. We will do the heavy-lifting to ensure maximum visibility for your brand.

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Targeting Audience

Target your optimal audience by segmenting more narrowly based on your needs. Flexibly curate your deals, offers or campaign to effectively to increase your ROI.  


Track Your Performance

Instantly see how your offer is performing via our in-built Reporting Tool. Analyze views and clicks through rates - use these metrics to help you stand out on the platform.