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"There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it"


Our Vision

Be recognized as an organization that simplifies employee recognitions, so that every company will embark on supporting their people's lifestyle

Our Mission

To become employees' daily lifestyle enabler, bringing positivity and happiness through meaningful savings and uplifting experiences.

Simply put, we offer perks for workaholics! We are a one-stop solution for employers to reward and recognize their employees by supporting their lifestyle spending.


Founded in 2020, we strive to be the best employee perks program in the nation, providing perks that matter to help you live a better, healthier life. Our vision is to help companies and organizations inspire employees to love where they work with meaningful savings. We believe employee perks can be made easy for businesses of all sizes to scale employee benefits from A-Z without having to lift a finger. 


Here's what we believe. If the rewards you give your employees don't feel special, then you're not really rewarding them. And you don't really have a recognition program. The average person spends a third of their time at work. That's a lot of hours, minutes, and seconds. But contrary to what a lot of people say, our lives aren't divided into two parts. Life does not start when work stops - and vice versa.


That's why employers have a responsibility to empower their employees to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, both outside and inside of work. 


When this happens, the result is not only a motivated workforce, but a successful one. After all, great customer experiences start with great employee experiences.